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nec eu, vis detraxit periculis ex,
nihil expetendis in mei.

2606 Saints Alley
Tampa, FL 33602
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Student coupons

Meat- and vegetarian dishes are served, and menus for people with celiac disease are also available. Food is prepared on the spot – all with lots of fresh, mainly raw vegetables. All menus include SOUP, SALAD AND DESSERT.

For more information call 041640166
We don’t deliver for student coupons.
Working hour for student coupons till 9:00 pm.
Access to the shop is adapted for people with disabilities.


With the Abi Falafel student card you are entitled to 10% discount! A free card is available in the Abi Falafel. You can use the student card when it is not possible to buy food with student coupons.


Glavne jedi:


MENI 1: falafel sendvič

MENI 2: sirovi zavitki, čičerikin pire, tahini

MENI 3: špinačni zavitki, hommos, omaka iz sezama in limoninega soka

MENI 4: paprika zavitki, bob s sezamom, tahini

MENI 5: mešani zavitki, hommos, tahini

MENI 6: vroč paradižnik s topljenim sirom in mozzarelo, zatar (mešanica arabskih zelišč), kruh

MENI 7: fatajer z zelišči, hommos, tahini

MENI 8: fatajer špinača in sir, hommos, omaka iz sezama in limoninega soka

MENI 9: fatajer paprika in sir, bob s sezamom, tahini

MENI 10: fatajer z mladim sirom, hommos, tahini

MENI 11: mešani fatajerji, hommos, tahini

MENI 12: falafel polpeti, zavitek, fatajer, hommos, tahini

MENI 13: solata z bobom in ocvrto zelenjavo

MENI 14: čičerikina enolončnica

MENI 15: lečina enolončnica

1C: falafel polpeti, hommos, tahini

2C: vegetarijanski tajine



MENI 16: skalop sendvič

MENI 17: goveji in jagnječji šiškebab, kruh, hommos, tahini

MENI 18: piščančji šiškebab, hommos, tahini, arabski kruh

MENI 19: solata z ocvrtim piščancem, kruh, sezamov preliv

MENI 20: kubbe, hommos, omaka iz sezama in limoninega soka, arabski kruh

MENI 21: mesni zavitki, pire iz čičerike in sezama, tahini

MENI 22: mešano meso, kruh, bob s sezamom, tahini

MENI 23: piščančji tajin, kuskus, omaka

MENI 24: piščančja bedra, čičerikin pire, zelenjavna priloga

MENI 25: panirani piščančji zrezki, čičerikin pire, zelenjavna priloga