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2606 Saints Alley
Tampa, FL 33602
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Student coupons

Meat- and vegetarian dishes are served, and menus for people with celiac disease are also available. Food is prepared on the spot – all with lots of fresh, mainly raw vegetables. All menus include SALAD AND FRUIT.

For more information call 041 640 166
Working hour for student coupons till 9:00 pm.
Access to the shop is adapted for people with disabilities.



With all menus you also get SALAD AND FRUIT.
MENI 1: falafel sandwich
MENI 2: cheese arabic roll, chickpea puree
MENI 3: spinach arabic roll, fava beans in sesame souce
MENI 4: pepper arabic roll, smoked eggplant puree
MENI 5: mixed arabic roll, hommos
MENI 6: fried eggplant with sweet potatoes and sesame cream with sour cream
MENI 7: fatajer with herbs, smoked eggplant cream
MENI 8: spinach and cheese fatajer, hommos
MENI 9: pepper and cheese fatajer, fava beans with sesame
MENI 10: fatajer with young cheese, chickpea puree with sesame
MENI 11: mixed fatajer, eggplant puree
MENI 12: falafel patties, arabic roll, fatajer, hommos
MENI 13: salad with fava beans and fried vegetables, potatoes sumac
MENI 14: chickpea stew, pita bread chips
MENI 15: lentis stew, Arabic chips
1C: falafel patties, hommos, tahini
2C: vegetarian tajine

MENI 16: scallop sandwich
MENI 17: beef and lamb shishkebab, bread, hommos
MENI 18: chicken shishkebab, hommos, tahini, pita bread
MENI 19: salad with fried chicken, bread, sesame dressing
MENI 20: kubbe, hommos, sesame and lemon juice sauce, pita bread
MENI 21: meat arabic roll, chickpea and sesame puree, tahini
MENI 22: mixed meat, bread, fava beans with sesame
MENI 23: chicken tajin, kuskus, sauce
MENI 24: chicken thighs, chickpea puree, vegetable side dish
MENI 25: breaded chicken steak, chickpea puree, vegetable side dish

MENI26: baked fish in tahini sauce, potatoes sumac
MENI27: fish tajin, couscous, tahini with sour cream
MENI28: fish fillet, babaghanough (smoked eggplant puree), potatoes sumac
MENI29: fish fillet, hommos, potatoes sumac